Thursday, April 1, 2010

whats wrong with us?

"What's wrong with me?" You've asked yourself.

Nothing! We are who we are.

People accuse us of being evil, imagined, weird, etc. But honestly we are real, we're here alive/dead. Some can see us, some can't. Some understand us, while others don't.

We are ourselves and shrinks can't think/shrink us away or different.

Believe what you want for now people, but in the end WE are the ones who will save your asses!!!


As for people in our affiliation, we are mocked, tortured, etc.

We hate it, but deal with it. Some can't and wined up renegades. There aren't that many left and the Council and I, are working on making that # decrease.

Now let's all work on helping us half breeds instead of harming.

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