Sunday, April 18, 2010


There where many renegades before me, the council and Flika/Mika took care of them.

Renegades are not outsiders. They are beings of different breeds like wolves, vampires, etc. That disobey the orders of the town, the main man, and most importantly their 'Families', clan. You choose not to follow any rules you become a renegade.

How hard is it to follow these easy rules?: Don't harm humans, don't drink their blood, don't eat them, don't kill or harm anyone in the clan, don't kill someone from another clan, don't mess with the big guy (Inko) or his family, if any rules are broken you die, get sent out or get sent before the Council. You always get sent to the council first then we hand you our voted on sentence of what we're gonna do with you and what you did.

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